Texas Billionaire Wipes $50 Million of Gold and Silver Coins off the Market

In July, 2022, a billionaire, woman, from Texas, placed a $50 Million "test" order with a precious metals company. She mentioned this would be one of many orders placed over a 6-month period. This is the first time in American coinage where one individual has moved this much liquidity in the market at one time. 
Her requests were:
  • Only American coinage
  • $25 Million in Gold
  • $25 Million in Silver
What we know as of right now is that she has already wiped out several distributors of their Silver Eagle holdings resulting with 900,000 American Silver Eagles, in total. That is 3% of the entire mintage of American Silver Eagles minted in just 2021 alone, and 8% of what they have produced so far in 2022. Premiums on bullion have already started to reflect the supply and demand and this is just the start. We also know that her requests for American Coinage will leak into the Pre-64 silver market as well as the Pre-33 gold market. As if those markets weren't scarce enough, we can assume consumers will see a large shift in every market from modern to pre-33. We could expect even higher premiums and more shortages to follow suit. 
Big money is entering the precious metals markets. You can expect, with this news, to see more wealth moving large percentages into gold and silver. Exercising good timing in the market is essential when investing in precious metals. There has never been a time where it has been this vital to beef up your assets.
PME wants our clients to be informed of every news breaking market shift in order for you to make educated decisions on how to move forward in this economic landscape. If you want an opportunity in gold and silver coins, don't walk, run.

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